DFA expands to Zim.

DFA expands
to Zimbabwe

Moves comes amid
acquisition rumours.

Monday, Jun 18th

Zim start-ups to ride on telcos' platforms

Zim start-ups to ride on telcos' platforms

Six tech start-ups selected to benefit from the ICT Innovation Drive funding platform launched in Zimbabwe on Wednesday will have their innovations accessible on platforms run by the country's three mobile firms.

Telecel, NetOne and Econet Wireless will provide a market gateway through downloads and access for the innovations, according to the country's ICT ministry.

The six innovations selected to access funding under the drive include Oyos Music, Purpose Science, Native Project, Shift Organic Technologies, Red Pen and Afrimom.

"The successful innovations will sit on their platforms and be downloaded from their (telecom companies) platforms," said Zimbabwe's ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira.

He also explained that the country's three main telcos will contribute about 1% of their revenue into the drive which aims to avail funding to promising local tech start-ups.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the government was committed to easing bottlenecks in the ICT sector and called on young innovators to utilise their creativity.

"ICT is the in thing for the future and the future is yours the younger generation," Mnangagwa said.

He highlighted that the government was "making great strides in the use of ICTs in the country through efforts and investments in ICT backbone infrastructure and expansion of community information centres," among other developments.

ITWeb Africa recently reported on the Wangu mobile chat application developed by Farai Mundangepfupfu who says the innovation fund will go a long way in helping other start-up innovators.

Local tech experts say there are opportunities for tech start-ups and innovators in FinTech, crypto-currency, traffic, e-commerce and social media spheres.


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