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Tuesday, Jul 17th

Africa's mindset on digitalisation changing quickly - Ricoh SA

Africa's mindset on digitalisation changing quickly - Ricoh SA

IT software and hardware solutions firm Ricoh SA has unveiled a customer experience centre in Johannesburg which showcases the technology the company believes will typify digital workplaces of the future.

Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA said, "These solutions go beyond the simple, straightforward devices of the past. Customers are transforming from traditional, paper-based and manual businesses to automated and productive digitally-efficient operations that are geared to quickly take charge during the dynamic uncertainties that characterise our current operating environments in South Africa and globally."

Lauren Timmer-Sommer, Marketing and Technology Services head at Ricoh SA says demonstrating the need for African enterprises to procure digital workplace solutions requires for them to be alerted to the drawbacks of not doing so.

"In a changing world, comprising of IoT, big data etc., they (companies) also find it a challenge to keep that investment in check when there are many competing priorities. They are getting there and we are at a tipping point and that is exactly the kind of behaviour that we saw in the United States and Europe. Once the fear kicks in then, the mindset changes and that is where we are now."

Based on its engagement with the Africa ICT solution supply channel, Ricoh SA says there is a growing awareness of the need to digitise and automate critical business processes.

"They (African customers) agree that a lot of the work day is wasted with tasks that can be automated and, by giving that time back to employees, technology can empower workers to work smarter and bring real value back to the business."


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