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Game on for Zambia's digital TV operators

Game on for Zambia's digital TV operators

In the wake of increasing competition from rival digital TV services providers, including Kwese', ZUKU, Muvi television and StarTimes, Multichoice Zambia has slashed its subscription fees across all packages and committed to increase local content as part of its recently launched 'real deal' campaign.

The fight for the control of the country's airwaves has also seen TopStar Communications reduce the cost of its set top boxes, while MultiChoice has reduced subscription fees by up to 16% effective 1 September.

Competition among digital television providers has increased following the government's announcement that it will complete the switchover to digital broadcasting along the line of rail by October.

All operators in the country have expressed commitment to meeting the digital migration deadline and allow for wider access to digital broadcasting.

MultiChoice acting Managing Director Ngoza Matakala said competition was good because it offered consumers variety.

Matakala hopes the reduction would help the company attract more customers and revenue, but did not comment on the impact the reduction will have on its operation in the short term.

"We know our customer is sometimes financially stretched and we consider what they want, but at the same time consider that we need to protect our bottom scale in operation," Matakala said.

She added that DStv was already digital and that there was no need for customers to buy other top set boxes.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga said the government will not limit the number of satellite television companies in order to promote competition and the generation of local content.


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