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Saturday, Dec 14th

NigeriaEduSat-1 scheduled for take-off this week

NigeriaEduSat-1 scheduled for take-off this week

Nigeria's National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) has confirmed plans to launch the NigeriaEduSat-1 nanosatellite this week.

NASRDA's Director-General, Prof Seidu Mohammed, said the nanosatellite is one of five being launched from Cape Canaveral in the USA and will assist in the study of environmental parameters.

"They would help in environmental characterisation. In addition to that, they would also be carrying cameras that would acquire some form of data," the professor explained.

Taiwo Tejumola, Principal Scientific Officer at NASRDA told ITWeb Africa that the satellites will be launched on 1 June at 10.55pm Nigeria time.

"The satellites will be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on board SpaceX Falcon rocket. They shall be transported as cargo to the ISS and shall be deployed to space from ISS on a later date," he said.

Dr Felix Ale, the agency's head of Media and Corporate Communications, said the joint project is made up of five units of CubeSats including the Nigerian satellite.

"The satellites are expected to attain six missions after its successful launch, out of which three of the missions will be planned on board while the other three missions will be accomplished in the ground stations of the participating countries.

"The three onboard missions include taking photographs of (the) homelands of participating countries using two onboard cameras of 0.3mp and 5mp, Digi-singer mission which is exchange of song from the nanosatellites to Ham radio receivers (UHF band) as well as measurement of single-event-latch up in orbit by taking log of microcontroller reset events over period."

Vision 2030

According to Prof Mohammed Nigeria has ambitions to be a recognised space power by 2030 and has already launched five satellites – three earth observation satellites and two communication satellites.


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