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Saturday, Dec 14th

Telkom Kenya, Avanti Communications land multi-million USD govt ICT deal

Telkom Kenya, Avanti Communications land multi-million USD govt ICT deal

EMEA-focused provider of satellite data communications Avanti Communications has confirmed a deal with Telkom Kenya to provide connectivity for the government's Constituency Incubation Hubs (CIHs) initiative.

A statement by Avanti Communications explains that the project, awarded by the East African country's Ministry of ICT, will see Telkom Kenya install 1160 CIHs nationally using capacity on Avanti's HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellite.

According to the companies, the multi-million US dollar contract will ensure the roll out of four CIHs in each of the country's 290 constituencies. Each hub has a VSAT system, WiFi router and 40 tablet devices, provided by BRCK Kenya.

The partners are working with satellite communications technology provider iDirect using the iDirect Evolution platform.

"The project will focus on enabling young adults and entrepreneurs to develop their ICT skills and applications at a fixed, reliable location which is always accessible. The incubation hub facility will open up new opportunities for users, not only related to developing and growing businesses but also improve computer skills, which will be applicable in a wide range of employments, bringing users into the digital world and enabling them to address basic working skills required," says Avanti Communications.

Kris Senanu, Managing Director of Telkom Kenya's Enterprise Division, commented: "We are excited about the roll-out of this new government project with Avanti. As a strategic partner to the Kenya government's national ICT agenda, Telkom Kenya is able to provide end-to-end solutions, tailor-made to meet a growing set of needs for the Public Sector. The CIH project is demonstrable proof of the confidence placed in Telkom Kenya by the government, through the Ministry of ICT, to realise a key connectivity milestone for Kenya. Digitally empowering young entrepreneurs across Kenya is key to the future of the country and creating the best opportunities for young people nationwide. We are thrilled to be contributing to the development of the next generation and using connectivity to do so."

Enrico Leonardi, Chief Sales Officer of Avanti, said: "Extending our partnerships with such valued partners like Telkom Kenya and iDirect is always a pleasure. Providing the solution for such an important government project is where satellite connectivity can really deliver, today. The project is a prime example of how Avanti's connectivity can always deliver and positively impact citizens as well as businesses, continually encouraging growth."


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