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Monday, Apr 22nd

Asteroid, MDXI launch West African Internet Exchange

Asteroid, MDXI launch West African Internet Exchange

West African datacentre provider, MDXI and global IXP platform provider, Asteroid have partnered to launch the West African Internet Exchange (WAF-IX), a carrier-neutral Internet Exchange Point (IXP) for the region.

According to the partners, WAF-IX is based on Asteroid's lightweight design and will be located in MDXI's Tier III Data Centre located in Lagos.

According to MDXI, the main objectives behind WAF-IX are accessibility, lower costs and reduced latency for internet users in West Africa.

Product Manager, MDXI/Peering Coordinator, WAF-IX, Vremudia Oghene-Ruemu stressed that the new IX would complement national IXPs, improve regional traffic and ultimately foster the attainment of the digital economy across West Africa.

"Given the size of its markets and status as home to some of Africa's biggest economies, West Africa is uniquely positioned to scale up its digital transformation efforts via internet traffic growth. The West African Internet Exchange, hosted within our globally certified Data Centre will significantly improve traffic exchange and localisation within West Africa, with benefits of reduced latency, improved speed and better quality of service to end users. WAF-IX will enable more Africa-focused global and local carriers take advantage of the region's growing iinternet penetration to enable services originating and terminating within the region," said Oghene-Ruemu.

Asteroid CEO, Remco van Mook, added: "West Africa's digital economy is on the rise, but huge gaps still exist in in-country interconnection. We believe that the internet sector across West Africa has incredible potential for growth and will be greatly enabled by the West African Internet Exchange. Together, we can provide a gateway for West African networks to peer with international content providers."

In early October 2018, MDXI acquired Gold Data Centre certification from Microsoft, based on the datacentre provider's commitment to the integration of the latest Microsoft products and relevant proven expertise.


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