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Tigo Music launched in Africa

Tigo Music launched in Africa.

An unlimited music streaming streaming with instant access to 30 million songs is to be launched in Ghana in Q4 2014.

This is according to a statement from Millicom, which owns African and Latin American telecommunications brand Tigo.

Tigo Music is already available in Latin America where it serves 600,000 subscribers.

And in Africa, Millicom says it has partnered with digital music company, Africori, to fund, acquire and manage music rights through “Africa Music Rights” (AMR).

“Africori contributes to the venture Coolspot, one of South Africa’s leading independent labels. It has a catalogue of over 11,000 songs spanning 25 years and includes more than 70 gold and platinum releases from high-profile South African legacy artists such as Oleseng and Sammy Malete,” says Millicom.

“AMR will serve the whole continent, where 70% of music consumed is locally produced, and will invest in rights directly from artists, writers, micro-labels and others.

“Key areas for growth include South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya as well as Millicom’s six Tigo markets,” notes the company.


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