Digital services firm Incubeta South Africa announces new MD

Digital services firm Incubeta South Africa has announced the appointment of Roan Mackintosh as its Managing Director.

Incubeta was established in 1995 and, via its brands NMPi, DQ&A and Joystick, represents a collective of specialists focused on digital service delivery and audience alignment.

According to a statement from the company, the appointment forms part of its aggressive growth strategy that includes a burgeoning headcount and geographical footprint as the group's client base expands to include more enterprise brands.

Incubeta said Mackintosh has spent some time as Commercial Director at technology specialist, DQ&A, which is part of the Incubeta Group.

His technology background made his shift into the leadership role a logical one after his predecessor, Adriaan Strydom, moved into a senior position within the Group.

Jonathan Gluckman, Incubeta director and CEO of NMPi Asiapac and Africa, said, "Growth within the Group generally and South Africa in particular means we need to shift our organisational structure to ensure we are optimally positioned to support our clients and continue with our expansion strategy. Roan's experience and vision aligns perfectly with our strategy of being a tech-first company. We have no doubt that this will benefit both local and international clients."

Mackintosh will remain at the Incubeta operational headquarters in Cape Town from which it serves brands across five continents.

Over the past few months the Incubeta headcount has grown to nearly 400 digital professionals, serving more than 750 clients in over 14 markets, the company claims.

Mackintosh says, "Our work with well-known international brands as well as our registered multi-region partnership with Google has given us an unparalleled ability to help local companies compete at a global level. We have invested heavily in training over the years and this is paying off when it comes to understanding and navigating the complexities of larger companies moving through the challenges of digital transformation."

The company has acquired several digital and media companies including Clicks2Customers in 2011, as well as UK-based NetMediaPlanet, global technology specialist, DQ&A, in 2015 and international digital creative specialist, Joystick, in 2018.