Safaricom ready to announce management plans

Following the passing of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, the company's board has confirmed it will soon announce management succession plans.

Speaking at a press briefing at the company, Chairman of the Board, Nicholas Nganga reiterated that Collymore's vision for the company will be considered in the impending new dispensation.

"We are clear that the company is in good hands, and will continue to offer all its services," Nganga said. "The development and growth of the company is something that was very close to his heart and he had a vision of Safaricom as a much greater company than just a domestic Kenyan company."

According to Nganga the journey to find a successor to Collymore was already in place and the company could announce plans "in the next 24 hours."

"We have been aware of this situation as it unfolded and the board is fairly clear on where it wants to go in terms of the longer term on the company's leadership in the absence of Bob," he added.

Nganga hailed Collymore's reign as transformative. "We have been very fortunate and lucky that Bob understood what Safaricom was all about and took it to another level."

Many transformative products including Safaricom Fibre, 4G network, handling M-Pesa infrastructure in Kenya, are some of the milestones the company achieved under his tenure.

In an interview in May this year, Collymore spoke a bit about his growth plans for Safaricom. "I intend to start a jazz band," he quipped. "I intend to focus on getting those new revenue streams up and running - ecommerce and DigiFarm. We have to diversify our revenue streams."

The board said that they will guarantee that whoever takes over from Collymore will have the same vision he had for the company.