iROKO looks to sell vouchers for movie streaming

Nigeria's movie streaming company, iROKO is looking to use the services of African e-commerce website, Jumia, to deliver voucher cards to customers wishing to watch Nollywood movies on online.

Speaking at the Mondato Summit Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa - Peter Brunt, VP of partnerships at iROKO said in markets like Nigeria the handling of payments for online content is 'difficult'.

According to Brunt users can pay with debit cards, credit cards and PayPal and for Nigerian users they have bank transfers into iROKOs account.

Brunt explained that they have lots of people coming to their site, people registering to their site, but far too small a proportion of people are subscribing.

He noted that the reason could be that users don't want to pay, but the biggest reason is the lack of trust to use a credit or debit card online.

"Over 90% of transactions in Nigeria are still cash on delivery... to the point where we are even going to explore that," he said.

Brunt added, "We're going to be selling voucher cards you can buy on Jumia."

"Once we actually got it working we will see if people want to buy it that way but we have to try it... It will be live in the next month," he stated.

Jumia is a popular platform and it allows people to pay cash on delivery so we'll see, Brunt noted.

Launched in 2012 Jumia has become the largest African online retailer, and enables customers to shop online for the widest selection of items and have them shipped directly to the home or office.

"Majority of our subscribers lie outside of Africa in the diaspora...

"But that's not where we see the future; the future is here in the African continent and in order to win those subscribers over we have to adapt," said Brunt.

Unlike other parts of the world in Africa there has been slow uptake of e-commerce services, even in the major markets like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

According to last year's MasterCard Online Shopping Behaviour Study majority of respondents in South Africa cited secure payment facilities as critical when shopping online.

Meanwhile, only 7% and 4% respondents in Nigeria and Kenya respectively said they use the internet for online shopping. And the respondents from both countries noted security concerns as the reason they had not shopped online.