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Friday, May 25th

Russia's SearchInform looks to grab hold of Africa's IT security space

Russia's SearchInform looks to grab hold of Africa's IT security space

Russian IT security firm SearchInform has selected local IS integrator and distributor Condyn to serve as its South African office in the first phase of its go-to-market strategy for the continent.

Jorina van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn and MD of the SearchInform South Africa office confirmed the plan is to firstly establish SearchInform's profile and solution in South Africa and then use this operation as a base to branch out into the rest of the continent.

"Condyn has been in the industry for the last 22 years, so we always search for new technology, finding new partners, doing the right thing ... obviously technology changes so fast that you can't stick to the old technology all the time. Actually SearchInform found us and after we started negotiating commercial contracts, we became the SearchInform office for South Africa and Africa."

Van Rensburg said South Africa is logistically the best place to begin because it has the available resources and infrastructure, but the intention is to leverage Condyn's already established contact with other markets in Africa (like Botswana) and eventually engage countries like Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe .

The company is busy with the Johannesburg leg of its South African roadshow and will head to Cape Town next to speak with IT security professionals, primarily to explain the value proposition of its flagship solution: SearchInform DLP + Forensic Suite.

The modular solution is designed to address issues like data leakage, fraud & theft, customer luring, espionage and sabotage, as well as use of company's assets for personal benefit.

Its DLP component controls all communication channels, monitors all information being transferred and stored, alerts to breaches of information security policies. The Forensic Suite keeps track of all work processes and activities of employees, analyses all activities and alerts to suspicious activities.

"SearchInform DLP coupled with Forensic Suite establishes omni-channel protection against financial loss due to data leaks and other harmful activities by insiders," the company explains.

Each component features a range of modules and these are designed to control each data channel, from web mail to HTTP/social media to devices and cloud storage.

It is differentiated in the competitive security solution space by saving the original archive of all user communications.

"It does not just store data, but allows operating it. With investigation management console, the information security expert can form comprehensive analytical selections using different search technologies," the company explains.


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