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Tuesday, Oct 16th

Check Point Technologies launches Infinity security deployment model

Check Point Technologies launches Infinity security deployment model 

Company believes it's time for corporates to fight 'fire with fire' and ensure protection levels are up to the level of sophistication and scale of Gen V cyber attacks.

From the CPX 360 annual cyber security summit and expo in Barcelona, global cyber-security solution provider Check Point Software Technologies has announced the release of Infinity Total Protection, a security consumption model based on Check Point Infinity architecture and designed to prevent fifth generation or Gen V cyber threats and attacks.

The company describes Gen V cyber attacks as large-scale and fast-moving across multiple industries, impacting enterprise environments - on-premise, mobile or in the cloud.

The protection covers APTs, unknown zero day malware, ransomware, malware prevention on iOS and Android mobile devices, rogue network identification, secure containers, data protection and document encryption, and EMM integration.

Gil Shwed, Check Point Technologies founder and CEO said, "2017 was an interesting year for all of us in cyber security, with data leaks in the cloud and in Europe, the French election as hacked, and then when we felt nothing more could go wrong, we had WannaCry and then months later, we had NotPetya, almost shutting down the country of Ukraine. It just showed us how vulnerable we are. We are at an inflection point in 2018, and cyber attacks represent two of the five most likely attacks to happen in the next two years."

Sophisticated attacks on mobile, cloud and various enterprise networks, easily bypass conventional, static detection-based defences being used by most organisations today said Check Point.

Infinity Total Protection combines real-time threat prevention, shared intelligence and advanced security, according to Check Point.

The model is released on an all-inclusive, per-user, per-subscription basis. It is described as the only subscription solution available that includes both network security hardware and software, with fully integrated endpoint, cloud and mobile protections and zero-day threat prevention – along with unified management and 24/7 premium support.

"Enterprises need to protect themselves from sophisticated - and dangerous - attacks on all fronts: network, endpoint, mobile and cloud," said Doug Cahill, group director and senior cybersecurity analyst at market research firm, Enterprise Strategy Group.

Gabi Reish, VP product management and product marketing at Check Point said cyber attacks are getting bigger, more sophisticated and more complex daily. "Yet many organisations still rely on outdated, older-generation security technologies that can only detect attacks after they have already occurred."

The company's regional leadership have warned that Africa needs to upgrade its cyber security and cyber crime detection systems to combat emerging threats.


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