DFA expands to Zim.

DFA expands
to Zimbabwe

Moves comes amid
acquisition rumours.

Monday, Jun 18th

Recent Netflix scam hits nearly 110m subscribers

Recent Netflix scam hits nearly 110m subscribers

A recent scam targeting popular US-based Internet television service, Netflix, has affected nearly 110 million of its subscribers worldwide.

According to a report by KenyaTechNews, subscribers received an email from Netflix with a subject line "Your suspension notification" warning them of their account suspension due to invalid billing information.

Subscribers were warned of possible personal and credit card information theft. According to the report, the scam targets subscribers and asks account owners to verify their subscription information or risk account suspension.

"The email that is well designed and individualised convinces customers to participate in a 'quick' update that includes a link where the subscriber is taken to a fake Netflix page which requires their log-in information as well as credit card number."

In July this year, the company announced that it had diversified its operations to reach a total of 190 countries globally, with a subscriber base of 100 million people, adding 5.2 million new subscribers in the second quarter. Most of the growth, The Guardian reported, came from international viewers.

Although with limited operations in Africa, the company is seeking to diversify its competition with other Africa catered video on demand services, and has a much stronger strategy in South Africa, although it does not have a physical presence. To finance the content push, the company announced last month in a Security Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that it would raise $1.6 billion to fund its growth.

In South Africa, the company partnered with internet TV service Kwesé Media, a subsidiary of Econet, which owns Liquid Telecom. The companies said it will be a long-term partnership spanning sub-Saharan Africa, aimed at making it easier for users to enjoy Netflix. Kwesé will also develop partnerships with telecoms operators across sub-Saharan Africa to distribute Kwesé TV and Netflix.

Digital TV research forecasts 10.12 million SVOD subscribers by 2022, up from 525 000 at end-2016. South Africa (2.70 million by 2022) will remain the leader, but Nigeria 2.64 million) will be close to taking the top slot.


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