Zambia hints at fifth telco operator

A fifth telco
for Zambia?

Enough room says
industry regulator.

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Saturday, Feb 22nd

Quantis Global first to connect to Intelsat 33e service

Quantis Global first to sign on as Intelsat 33e begins service

Intelsat has announced that broadband service provider Quantis Global has signed an agreement to enhance and expand its network using services provided by Intelsat Epic high-throughput satellites (HTS) and IntelsatOne Flex services.

Quantis will incorporate services from Intelsat 33e (which successfully completed an all in-orbit test and the service became available two days ago), Intelsat 37e as well as Intelsat's managed services offering for Mbps service called IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise.

Aquilino Antuña, CEO of Quantis says his company, which is part of Eurona Wireless Telecom SA, added high-throughput services in order to meet the growing needs of its existing customers in addition to positioning for new revenue-generating services.

"After reviewing many options, it was clear that Intelsat Epic and IntelsatOne Flex for Enterprise offer the best path to immediately deliver more bandwidth and cost-efficient commercial solutions to our blue-chip corporate, NGO and maritime customers. The global footprint of the Intelsat solution also means we can support our growth strategies in the countries where we currently operate as well as quickly respond to new market opportunities anywhere in the world."

Intelsat launched the first two satellites in the Intelsat Epic platform in 2016. Intelsat 29e serves the Americas, and Intelsat 33e began operations over Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia on 29 January.

Intelsat 37e is scheduled to begin service in 2018.

Attracting new customers

Intelsat claims its Intelsat 33e, manufactured by Boeing and launched in August 2016, is attracting several new customers which include Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), which delivers commercial service to previously unconnected rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

AMN will use Intelsat Epic to help mobile network operators expand in sub-Saharan Africa in a cost-effective manner and deliver social, economic, educational and other benefits to the population, according to Intelsat.

Stephen Spengler, CEO at Intelsat, says the experience of implementing Intelsat Epic and bringing it their customers has affirmed our beliefs about the potential of HTS. "We have a dynamic, open and evolving platform that will increase in capability over time, providing a technology hedge for our customers that need to make investments today on which they can build for a decade of growth. Intelsat is delivering on the promise of HTS, and our design and strategy will advance our vision of unlocking access to new, larger and faster growing sectors for Intelsat and our customers."

Intelsat 33e provides is also providing support for U.S. Department of Defense mobility applications.


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