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Sunday, May 26th

New subsea cable system to connect Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe

New subsea cable system to connect Equatorial Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe

Nokia subsidiary Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), in collaboration with Equatorial Guinea telecommunications services provider Gestor de Infraestructura de Telecomunicaciones (GITGE), will construct and implement the Ultramar GE subsea cable system to connect Equatorial Guinea to the islands of Sao Tome and Principe.

ASN will use its Ile de Sein cable ship to deploy the 263 km unrepeatered system that will run from the island of Annobon in Equatorial Guinea to Sao Tome in Sao Tome and Principe.

This will provide the island's residents with strengthened broadband connectivity and high speed network capacity.

In addition to the Ultramar GE subsea cable system, GITGE is also servicing three other subsea cable systems - ACE, Ceiba-1, and Ceiba-2.

Oscar Ondo Ngomo Nchama, General Director of GITGE said, "Our efforts are focused on expanding connectivity and increasing the adoption of modern technologies in Equatorial Guinea."

Telecoms expert and market analyst Vaughan O'Grady said the project will dramatically boost connectivity between the two nations. "It will not only dramatically boost connectivity in Sao Tome and Principe but will also reduce the country's dependence on satellite technology. It will also contribute to the digital inclusion of Annobon, a small province of Equatorial Guinea that is itself an island."

Philippe Piron, president of ASN added: "Following the ACE and CEIBA 1 projects, we are delighted to assist GITGE reinforce Equatorial Guinea telecom infrastructure providing the people of Annobon the mean to be connected to the rest of the world with ultimate performance and reliability in such a remote location."

The companies have declined to comment on the time frame for the project or the costs involved.


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