Vodacom strikes key deals as it repositions pan-Africa operations

Vodacom's new
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Operations in key
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Monday, Jun 24th

Vodafone Cameroon, CAMTEL sign 4G network sharing agreement

Vodafone Cameroon, CAMTEL sign 4G network sharing agreement

Vodafone Cameroon and Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) have signed a new national network sharing agreement, effectively expanding 4G coverage.

Under the agreement, Vodafone Cameroon will make use of CAMTEL's existing network infrastructure (which covers major cities of Douala and Yaoundé) to expand its geographical coverage and indoor connectivity.

The CEO of Vodafone Cameroon Antoine Pamboro said the partnership will allow the company to bring world-class internet services closer to people.

"This expansion of our 4G footprint demonstrates that we are suitably positioned to play a pivotal role in supporting digital transformation and development of ICT in Cameroon," he said.

CAMTEL CEO David Nkoto Emane described the partnership as a strong step in CAMTEL's progress towards become an integrated operator and said it also reflects the growing demand for high-speed internet services.

"This cooperation assures Camtel's strategic objective of providing its customers with practical options and innovative solutions through strategic partnerships in our local market; it is based on our two organisations' shared understanding and belief that all Cameroonians deserve to experience topnotch internet services. Additionally, it is valuable for our strategy and commercial development, as Vodafone is a world class brand with high quality standards and great ambitions in Cameroon."


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