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Seacom to explore fibre opportunity in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

Seacom to explore fibre opportunity in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has awarded a grant to pan-African telecommunications and network services provider Seacom limited to initiate a feasibility study of the market potential for fibre services in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

According to a statement from USTDA, the grant of undisclosed amount will provide Seacom with analysis to determine where to expand infrastructure in the targeted countries and recommend related investments, including fibre optic cabling and network equipment to increase and improve services across East Africa.

USTDA said the project will also provide affordable, reliable high-speed connections across East Africa, enhancing business growth and spurring innovation and productivity in the region.

The Agency's acting director Thomas Hardy signed the grant along with Seacom chief development officer Suveer Ramdhani.

"USTDA is pleased to build on its partnership with Seacom to support this important project. We are responding to growing demand in the region for affordable and reliable high-speed connections, and in a way that expands opportunities for US companies," Hardy said.

Ramdhani added, "USTDA has been a valued partner to Seacom since its early beginnings and has been fundamental to the launch and growth of internet in Africa. The continued support through this project will enable critical research on enterprise markets in East Africa".

Telecom analyst at the Computer Association of Zambia Andrew Makanya said: "The aim of the project is to expand infrastructure and so I expect that this project will give SEACOM a clear picture in terms of where to expand the infrastructure in East Africa. After that, I think that more investments from USA telecom companies will follow that will further improve the quality of communication in those four countries that will be evaluated."


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