Ghana fast-tracks EMV migration

Ghana fast-tracks EMV migration

Gemalto, GhIPSS to offer domestic smart cards.

Sunday, Jan 21st

ShowMax could merge with MultiChoice's DStv Digital media

ShowMax could merge with MultiChoice's DStv Digital media

As reported by techweez, amid the exploration of new channels and content distribution by video-on-demand service ShowMax, the company may merge with MultiChoice's DStv Digital media.

According to the report ShowMax has been exploring new channels in distributing content to its consumers.

The latest addition to these avenues is Xbox One users who can access ShowMax from the Xbox Store.

"Amid these developments is a major announcement that may see the merging of ShowMax with MultiChoice's DStv Digital media. For the moment, specifics about this merger have not been aired."

It has been reported that this relationship will form a new division. Techweez says MulitChoice CEO, Mark Rayner will head the unnamed division till further notice. "We do not know if he will hold that position permanently or they will hunt for another CEO. The two firms will still be headed by their respective leaders, but employees will report to Mark Rayner."

Preceding this announcement was the rumour that ShowMax was being packaged into DStv. "Ideally, these rumours have been substantiated, which means that ShowMax's content will be available on DStv's digital platforms. At the same time, this means that DStv may offer video streaming packages as a separate service from satellite TV."

Richard Boorman, Showmax head of communications said, "We are looking at opportunities for DStv and ShowMax to work more closely on digital entertainment products to the benefit of both sets of customers. There are no specific details to share at this point."


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