Zambia hints at fifth telco operator

A fifth telco
for Zambia?

Enough room says
industry regulator.

Monday, Feb 24th

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Malawi: 10, 000 public sites earmarked for connectivity

Malawi: 10, 000 public sites earmarked for connectivity

Malawi has mapped over 10,000 public sites for potential internet connection under the World Bank-funded Digital Malawi Project, managed under the auspices of the country's Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC).

Acting chief executive officer of the PPPC Audrey Mwala said project has also funded several "critical strategy instruments" for the public sector including the digital government strategy, the national broadband strategy and the cybersecurity strategy.

"The emergence of these important documents means that the nation is now poised for the implementation of important national initiatives," said Mwala, adding that the project has also facilitated the Secretariat of Malawi Research and Education Network (MAREN).

Referencing the value of this network to the country's overall ICT skills development, Mwala added: "With ICT, today people are studying various courses in the comfort of their homes. They are attending classes and having access to learning materials easily via the internet."

The PPPC executive highlighted three key components of the project: digital ecosystems, digital connectivity, digital platforms & project management.

According to Mwala, 'digital ecosystem' refers to the creation and implementation of regulations and policies, digital skills and developing the capacity of various institutions.

"It also aims at developing a critical mass of innovations. In order for this component to materialise, the PPPC works in collaboration with MACRA," she said. (MACRA being the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority).

Under the digital connectivity component, the project will promote affordable, high quality internet access for all citizens by incentivising private sector network infrastructure development and service provision along the MAREN network.

Malawi's digital platform and project management strategy is to build technical capacity and digitise nationwide public services by creating a central digital-enabled platform.

Mwala explained that these components are currently being implemented through various activities that include institutional reforms; e-Procurement; electronic documents; and record management system (EDRMS) for the government of Malawi, as well as data architecture, among others.


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