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Wednesday, Aug 21st

Skrill switches on global payments for MTN mobile money

Skrill switches on global payments for MTN mobile money users.

Africa's biggest mobile network MTN is expanding the global payments reach of its mobile money services in Ivory Coast and Rwanda.

MTN on Tuesday announced a partnership with UK-based Skrill, an online payments company.

The partnership intends helping MTN's mobile money users buy from global internet brands.

"To transact using mobile money, MTN customers do not have to open a Skrill account. Users can simply go to the website of a Skrill merchant, select a purchase and choose the option to 'Pay by Skrill'," says MTN in a statement.


Skrill's payment network offers businesses access to direct payment processing via 100 payment options in 200 countries and territories and 40 currencies.

Meanwhile, MTN says it has 18.4 million mobile wallet customers in 15 countries.

And MTN's mobile money service now joins the likes of credit card and bank transfer payment methods on the Skrill service.

In addition, MTN says, "There is no additional cost or charge for MTN Mobile Money payment when making purchases via a Skrill merchant website."

MTN's deal with Skrill comes amid a push by telecom providers in Africa to switch on cross-border payments.

In February, Millicom announced that Tigo Cash users in Rwanda and Tigo Pesa customers in Tanzania are able to send each other money in their respective currencies without having to travel and queue at a traditional bank or money agent.


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