Zimbabwe officials mull over data rollover as costs rise

Data rollover
in Zim?
Consumers bear brunt
of economic hardship.

Monday, Jun 17th

Zambia fast approaching mobile saturation - ZICTA

Zambia fast approaching mobile saturation – ZICTA

Intensive customer acquisition campaigns initiated by MTN Zambia, Airtel Zambia and Zamtel have pushed the Southern African country's market towards saturation point, according to the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA).

Recent statistics released by the regulator suggests the country, with a population of 16 million, is home to 13.4 million subscribers, representing a penetration rate of 81.92%.

To date, MTN Zambia leads the market with approximately 6 million subscribers followed by Airtel Zambia with 5 million customers and Zamtel with just over 2.2 million customers.

The number of mobile internet users in the country has increased to 7.7 million from 7.1 million, representing 47.08% penetrate rate.

Operators have reduced the cost of data bundles by over 70% and this is understood to have fuelled the increase in users.

Customers in Zambia can now buy 5GB data bundles for K100.

Uzi to compete

Competition for business within voice and data services is expected to increase with the introduction of the country's fourth operator, Uzi Zambia Limited.

The company is expected to be fully operational before year-end, and intends to install universal access sites across unserved and under-served areas.

The Minister of Communications and Transport Brian Mushimba said "Our desire as government is to make sure that mobile phone communication reaches all corners of the country so that everyone is able to communicate. This is why we have invested heavily in the Zamtel communication tower project."

ZICTA support services director Mofya Chisala said the Authority is looking to secure 100% national connectivity coverage through Uzi Zambia.


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