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Monday, Aug 19th

SA leads Africa in app usage

SA leads Africa in app usage

Ghanaians, Kenyans, Seychellois and Mauritians are the highest data users with an average usage of over 160MB/month.

This is according to a State of the Mobile Web Africa 2016 Report released by internet company Opera.

The Report highlights mobile internet rends across Africa, including consumer browsing behaviour and app usage.

According to Opera's findings visits to streaming video websites on Opera Mini in Africa has increased by 36% since 2012.

Users from Tanzania (22%) are most likely to visit YouTube followed by South Africa (20%) and Ghana (19%), the company says.

Additionally, South Africa ranks first in Africa in terms of app usage, with a third of its population using mobile applications, followed by 31% in Ghana, 28% in Nigeria, 19% in Kenya and 18% in Uganda.

Opera claims that Nigerians are regular social media users with 70% of Nigeria's 16 million Facebook users, accessing the site via Opera Mini.

"We believe data compression is as relevant and useful now as it was a decade ago - in fact, with the growth of smartphone penetration coupled with prohibitively high data costs, it's a critical enabler," says Richard Monday, VP for Opera, Africa. "The #DataMustFall movement in South Africa demonstrates that people don't feel like they're getting value for money. Ultimately, a lighter mobile web enhances usability, functionality and access - even in poor network conditions."

According to Opera it has 100 million users in Africa, with an 86.41% market share in Kenya, 71.83% in Nigeria and 53.1% in South Africa.

ICT professionals within the mobile technology space believe the South African mobile industry is undergoing significant change.

Hannes Helberg, Head of Development at technology service provider MobileData, said enterprise apps remain a primary focus for entrepreneurs.

He said, "Everybody seems to be trying to get onto mobile apps, but not everybody is achieving success. Social Media and banking apps seem to be the most popular trend at the moment. There are also a few Community based applications providing easy access to security and emergency services."


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