VoLTE still a hard sale in Africa

VoLTE's mixed

Echo Mobile executive
offers perspective.

Monday, Apr 22nd

Glo Mobile to expand West Africa fibre network

Glo Mobile to expand West Africa fibre network.

Mobile operator Glo Mobile plans to extend its fibre optic cable network in West Africa to more locations in the coming months.

The company said it plans to further increase the number of terrestrial connections to its undersea broadband cable.

Globacom’s submarine cable Glo-1 is a 9 800 km long network that connects Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

Glo Mobile operates in West African markets such as Nigeria and Ghana.

“We want to assure all our subscribers that we will continue to invest huge resources in developing and maintaining a communications technology that is second to none in Africa,” said chairman of Globacom, Mike Adenuga, at a Lagos forum.


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