Internet Solutions Kenya uses Telco Systems in 10GB fibre upgrade

Decision to upgrade prompted by an increasing demand for- and interest in the cloud.

Cloud-shaped digitised financial services

A high level of interest in the role cloud services continues to play in service delivery within the context of digital transformation at CeBIT 2017.

Zambia's govt calls for unity against poor digital service delivery

Authorities urge collaboration between law enforcement, trade to bolster laws governing digital services.

Companies won't walk Africa's digital path alone

ICT solution developers, service providers say digital transformation cannot happen without collaboration, partnerships.

CeBIT 2017: US$200m global OpenLab Program announced

International tech firms emphasise the importance of alliances to help roll out additional digital solution-focused OpenLabs.

CeBIT 2017: Huawei launches Enterprise Wireless Communication 2.0

Multinational ICT firm will collaborate with partners for roll out in public safety, power industry segments.

CeBIT 2017 - IoT, big data driving Huawei interest in Africa