Swaziland's Electoral Commission slams Facebook campaigning


EBC officials say campaigning is currently illegal as it has not been officially allowed.

Swaziland’s chairman of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC), Chief Gija Dlamini, has lashed out at any form of campaigning by individuals trying to solicit votes in that country.

According to the Swazi Observer newspaper concerns were being raised that some people were using social networks like Facebook to campaign despite this being illegal.

The Swazi Observer reported that Dlamini said campaigning had not officially been allowed by the commission and it was currently illegal for any party to use a public medium to try and gain voters’ support.

Dlamini warned that those who want to join the elections should respect the campaign guidelines.

“It’s like calling people on the phone and then solicit for votes, this is also illegal,” said Dlamini.

“Using Facebook, it is possible for anyone to call the masses to a meeting for the sole purpose of soliciting for votes,” he said.

He added that it was the responsibility of citizens to guard against people who enticed them into campaigning.