Millennials experience the most risk online - Microsoft study

Millennials experience the most risk online - Microsoft study

Tech firm has created a council of young ambassadors for digital civility in the Middle East and Africa.

Millennials experienced the highest rate of online risk in the past twelve months, according to Microsoft's 2019 Digital Civility Index.

The Digital Civility Index is an annual study that examines the online behaviour of internet users globally.

According to the study, 73% of millennials globally reported having been exposed to online risk. They also reported the highest levels of stress, pain, loss of online trust, sleep deprivation and depression as a result of online risk exposure compared to other age groups.

In contrast, millennials self-identified as the most confident of all age groups in their ability to handle risks, and they were the most worried that a risk would reoccur.

Sixty percent of millennials admitted they were unsure where to find help should they be exposed to online risk.

According to Microsoft, the study, conducted in 22 countries, gauges the attitudes and perceptions of teens and adults about the state of digital civility today.

"It also measures people's safety online and exposure to risks such as cyberbullying, unwanted contact and harassment as well as exposure to hoaxes and scams, to name a few. In total, the study examines teens' and adults' exposure to 21 different online risks," the company stated.

Council for Digital Good

Two years ago Microsoft launched its inaugural Council for Digital Good, a pilot programme to facilitate interaction between the company, industry experts, end users, non-governmental organisations and policymakers.

The inaugural Council pilot programme concluded in July 2018, after 18 months of engagement and activities, and a "sister" Council led by a regional NGO created the European Council for Digital Good.

Microsoft has now announced the launch of an African Council for Digital Good, as well as an Arab Council for Digital Good.