Tunisian Post experiments with blockchain tech

Tunisian Post experiments with blockchain tech

Social inclusion cannot be achieved without digital financial inclusion, argues Tunisian Post CEO Moez Chakchouk.

Tunisian Post has emerged one of the first public institutions in Africa to experiment with blockchain technology to help build a more scalable and secure digital payments platform.

At the quadrennial World Telecommunication Standardisation Assembly (WTSA) held in Tunisia this week Tunisian Post CEO Moez Chakchouk said, "Blockchain technology will be the main technology to be developed in the future because actually the technology is very very smart."

Chakchouk added "We can do a lot of things with it and there is a lot of communities that are already doing a lot with fintech companies to develop this technology and to be adopted by financial institutions and so on."

On the key factors that will aid the adoption and use of mobile money, the Tunisian Post exec said there is a need to communicate better and explain to customers why they need to use mobile money to operate a virtual account.

He hinted that Tunisian Post is currently finalising a new app called DigiCash to be used for money transfer and to pay bills.

In response to a question on the motivations for using blockchain technology for the service, he said it will enable customers to trust the application, use it for more transactions and make it easier for the user to transfer money.

Earlier in the conference, Chakchouk had said that social inclusion cannot be achieved without digital financial inclusion.

During a panel discussion on digital financial services, Safaricom's Ronald Webb told the audience how the telco built its digital payment products and how light-touch, flexible regulation is critical to its success.