The Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub to Host Their First FinTech Event of 2019 in Mauritius

Furthering Pan-African Open Collaboration & Action in FinTech on 1 April 2019

March 22, 2019 11:13 UTC - Port Louis, Mauritius--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- After a successful soft launch and rapid growth in Mauritian, African and international members over the last four months, the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub will host their first official event of 2019 on 1 April 2019 in Port Louis at the Caudan Arts Centre.

The event will be a jam-packed one-day seminar/networking opportunity split into two parts; Mauritius-focus in the morning and Africa-focus in the afternoon. The topics covered will include blockchain, FinTech regulation, capacity development, investment as well as innovation and incubation, with the overarching theme being the promotion and importance of driving collaboration & action/outcomes within pan-African FinTech ecosystems. Talks will be delivered by key players in the Mauritian and international FinTech and regulatory environment with first-hand experience in the industry.

“Open collaboration is a vital ingredient in building a borderless ecosystem which will help create FinTech solutions that will drive positive change, thus the theme of the event: Building the Pan-African Fintech Ecosystem Through Open Collaboration & Action.” says Lynet Kiioh, Head of Ecosystem at the The Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub about the 1 April event. “We want this FinTech event to set the tone for how we mean to move forward for the rest of 2019.”

The African FinTech space is poised for immense growth with digital wallets, alternative point of sales, internet banking and mobile insurance solving genuine human problems in a market where traditional financial solutions have extremely low penetration. Only 20% of people on the continent have a bank account in a traditional sense, yet 52% of the world’s mobile transactions take place to and from Africa. A receptive African market for FinTech solutions exists and it is the job of FinTech ecosystems, such as the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub to help facilitate open collaboration between governments, regulators, entrepreneurs, tech businesses, FSPs and corporate entities. All this, with the aim of enabling human lives to be better through FinTech technologies and innovation.

The Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub’s purpose is to create an ecosystem that transcends pan-African borders. Essentially they will act as a gateway to and from Africa for businesses who want to create positive growth through tech disruption. Businesses do not have to be based in Mauritius, or even Africa, to be part of the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub. As long as they are interested in being one of the frontrunners in African FinTech innovation, they will benefit by becoming a member.

“The event aligns with our philosophy of open collaboration and making things happen”, says Michal Szymanski, CEO of the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub. "Making things happen for Mauritius, making things happen for Africa and serving the pan-African Fintech ecosystem, is our purpose. We’re here to enable a FinTech ecosystem that connects and unites in spite of borders and regulations to provide solutions and opportunities that uplift.”

About Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub: The Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub is based in Port Louis, Mauritius. It is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to propel Mauritius into becoming one of the the next global FinTech hubs, focused on Africa. They bring together regulators, corporates, small businesses, academia and other stakeholder to engage in the FinTech space to empower African FinTech into the future.

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