Moroccans to benefit from new search engine

Moroccans to benefit from new search engine.

The new bilingual search portal is publicly accessible and allows for translations on the go.

The Kingdom of Morocco's Ministry of Economy and Finance has launched, a new search engine dedicated to the general public with features such as multilingual management capability.

Dr. Ramzi Abbés, chief executive officer at Techlimed, an information linguistics technology company tasked with running the search engine emphasised the benefit for Arabic lingual heritage that be derived through the project.

"We are very proud to have been chosen to achieve the project. The Kingdom of Morocco is the first country to benefit from our innovation in Arabic information processing. Our solution is a giant step for all Arabic speaking people around the world: a dedicated and efficient tool for Arabic Language." is the first government search engine managed by Techlimed. The four-year-old company specialises in Automatic processing solutions of information in Arabic and hails the search engine as proof of its technology and linguistic know-how.

Indexation and management of search solutions in order to modernise access and add value to Arabic content in official databases is core to their business.

Moroccans will be able to access official government information and other Moroccan websites, including links to the government's twitter and facebook pages through the search engine which would serve as a convenient single point of entry.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance says establishing the search engine is part of the strategy of Maroc Numeric 2013 and the next plan to 2020.