Burkina Fasoâs Bank of Africa gets connectivity upgrade

Burkina Faso’s Bank of Africa gets connectivity upgrade.

Communications provider SkyVision has completed a phase one project for the bank.

Communications provider SkyVision Global has completed the first phase of a connectivity project for Burkina Faso’s Bank of Africa (BoA).

The technology is expected to help connect remote branch offices more quickly and efficiently, and share information by means of voice and data applications.

Furthermore, SkyVision says there is no need for investment in additional infrastructure, while the system is also to include a full disaster recovery plan.

“The project included implementing a full communications solution through the SkyVision VPN service, connecting BoA headquarters in Ouagadougou to its branch offices throughout the country,” says a SkyVision statement.

The solution is further said to include a Romantis UHP hub and SkyVision VPN, and a VSAT-based communications solution.

“BoA headquarters in Ouagadougou will host the Romantis hub, which will in turn converge to the remote sites (BOA branches) and operate in a fully autonomous environment dedicated solely to BOA sites,” notes the statement.

BoA is Burkina Faso’s second largest bank. It has 200,000 accounts on its books and employs more than 300 people working for it across a network of 32 branches.