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Saturday, May 25th

'Africa has to become digital' Unitel's dos Santos tells Europe

'Africa has to become digital' Unitel's dos Santos tells Europe

Chairwoman of Angolan mobile operator Unitel Isabel dos Santos told delegates at Africa Summit 2019 and the European Parliament that after mobile, Africa's next revolution will be digital.

The Summit is focused on opportunities in Africa and the continent's relationship with Europe, and specifically the European Union.

Speaking at the panel dedicated to "Africa and emerging technology", dos Santos said that "after the mobile revolution, the next revolution in Africa will be digital. Soon, there will be more sales and transactions through e-commerce than through traditional stores, and for the first time many Africans will have a bank account and it will be thanks to digital banking."

According to the businesswoman, the fast population growth and the African megacities are a major challenge: "Comfortable, safe and affordable public transportation is still an unsolved question for most African cities."

"It is imperative to apply technology and urban planning to build smart cities and improve quality of life of our people and optimise costs".

"We need support to implement proper planning, to build cities that are good places live, equipped with good public transport systems, and where technology contributes to improve the quality of life, to lower living costs, to better manage the environmental resources, and the use of our soil."

dos Santos also stressed that in order to work on the technologic development in Africa there are fundamental areas such the stability and continuity of the legal framework when attracting investment and job creation. These should be considered as a priority, so that the continent becomes appealing and able to retain young talent.

"We have to promote a better life for all here in our home countries and work with a focus on people and the sustainability of the environment," she said.

The businesswoman also mentioned the importance of quality in education as a key to the development and growth of emerging nations, stressing that "quality education, innovation and technology will enable us to grow and eliminate the current gap between Africa and the rest of the world."

According to information supplied, Unitel was founded in 1998 and officially launched on 8 March 2001. Its core activity is to deliver mobile voice and internet services.


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