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Friday, Dec 13th

'Content will drive consumer migration to digital'

'Content will drive consumer migration to digital'

Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) chief executive officer, Thari Pheko has emphasised that content is the biggest driver of digital broadcasting.

"Ensuring availability of receiving equipment, intensifying public education and licensing of service providers is equally important, but content is king. It is perhaps the biggest incentive that will compel consumers to migrate," said Pheko.

He said there is need to explore avenues of creating more content, highlighting the universal service facility and stimulation of content creation in local communities.

In addition, Pheko called for collaboration among policy makers, the regulator, service providers and consumers to the migration process.

"As a regulator we have to provide an enabling environment for all to participate," Pheko said.

Pheko further highlighted that digital broadcasting will make it easy to share broadcasting network components, amongst the many benefits over the traditional broadcasting.

He said the benefits include better quality TV, data services, more efficient spectrum usage, enhanced services like HDTV, mobile and portable TV and participation in the broadcasting ecosystem.

"Therefore, digital migration presents the best opportunity to transform the hitherto infant terrestrial TV in Botswana and bring it to par with the rest of the world."

Government has already announced plans to spend 125 million Pula to implement digital migration ahead of the June 2015 deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Botswana anticipates that digital television transmission will become an additional driver in the country's efforts to transform into an e-society and is putting in place administrative structures, to be led by a digital migration implementation office and task force to fast track project delivery.


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