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Saturday, Oct 19th

Zim to lean on tech-savvy allies

Zim to lean on tech-savvy allies

Zimbabwe may have to lean on other tech-savvy countries in its bid to deal with "economic saboteurs" who use ICT platforms, said President Robert Mugabe.

Last month the country experienced steep price hikes and shortages of basic commodities, and authorities have blamed false social media messages for this.

Tech-savvy nations the Southern African country could engage with include China and Russia, with China known for blocking certain internet sites and messaging platforms.

Mugabe was speaking during a bi-national meeting between Zimbabwe and South Africa in Pretoria on Tuesday.

The two countries signed bilateral agreements on ICTs and Mugabe called for cooperation from both parties to ensure that technology platforms were not used to destroy the respective economies.

Zimbabwe has previously expressed willingness to regulate social media and cyber content in a bid to stamp out abuse and the spread of messages deemed to be offensive.

However, Mugabe reiterated that the country does not have the means to immediately achieve this.

"We don't have the means yet and I don't think you (also) have them as well, but I am aware that some of our friends have the means, lets borrow those means to protect our economies from subversion," added Mugabe.

Zimbabwe is busy finalising the Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Bill which the Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services says is aimed at addressing abuse of ICT and social media platforms.

"This bill is a solution to the growing abuse of social media. In any criminal proceedings, evidence generated from computer system or electronic communication systems shall be admissible in court," said Samuel Kundishora, ICT Ministry permanent secretary.


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