Regulator rejects MTN Cameroon's tariff plan

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MTN Cameroon's tariff
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Wednesday, Apr 24th

Overwhelming optimism for e-learning in Africa

Overwhelming optimism for e-learning in Africa.

74% of professionals and investors in key sectors of ICT and education are feeling optimistic about the future of e-learning in Africa.

This is according to the e-learning Africa report 2014, which has revealed the development of high-speed international connectivity and broadband ICT is an essential part of the long-term development strategy for the continent.

However, the report emphasises that the prospects for African education will depend increasingly on good communications and connectivity.

The report follows the publication of World Bank estimates that economic growth across Africa will rise to 5.2% this year.

The eLearning Africa report 2014 has been released at the eLearning Africa conference currently underway in Uganda.

The report has said that the combination of education and technology is a powerful driver for growth.

“The opportunities for education are enormous as the advent of low-cost mobile tablets massive market rollout stands to revolutionise education because to the pedagogical implications of being able to deliver more content to a larger screen,” said Brahima Sanou, the director of the Development Department of the ITU in the report.

The report also includes analysis of the agriculture, health and tourism sectors and a guide to e-learning initiatives in 55 African countries.


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