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Tuesday, Dec 11th

AB InBev invests in Accenture to bolster distribution, sales in Africa

ABN InBev invests in Accenture to bolster distribution, sales in Africa

Accenture has entered into a three-year contract with global brewer AB InBev to implement the Accenture NewsPage Distributor Management System (DMS), a fully integrated distributor management and sales force automation system to help streamline the brewer's operations in Africa.

Under the terms of the contract, Accenture will help AB InBev implement the latest version of DMS, with an initial roll-out in Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria, as well as the upgrade of the system in Tanzania and Uganda, where AB InBev has already been using DMS for more than three years.

In a statement Accenture explains that the implementation will enable AB InBev "to track its distributor network and increase visibility into its product stock and sales in Africa."

"By consolidating all product transactional information - from activities of the sales force and distributors - DMS gives AB InBev's sales teams the data they need to build relationships with distributors and customers and to closely track product promotions and performance," reads an excerpt from the statement.

According to Accenture, the DMS software (integrated with the Salesforce-based solution that ABI uses to drive its contact strategy with its customers) will be used by over 1,570 mobile and 620 back-office users and made available to over 100 of AB InBev's distributors.

Accenture says it has already completed the upgrade of DMS in Tanzania and Uganda, "with the implementations in the other four countries taking place over the next several months."

Once Accenture has implemented the DMS solution for AB InBev in the six countries, it will continue to support the solution, providing continued hosting, maintenance and application support for the duration of the contract.

Lee Dawson, Vice President, AB InBev, said, "Accenture's DMS solution has enabled us to enhance our sales and distribution operations in Tanzania and Uganda over the past three years, and we're excited to upgrade to the latest version and expand its use to other countries in Africa. With DMS, we're better positioned to achieve our goal of becoming the number one brewer across the continent."

Marlize Claasen, Managing Director at Accenture, said, "AB InBev understands that expanding sales, enhancing efficiency and improving profitability requires full visibility into its sales and distribution operations. We're excited to be able to continue our successful collaboration with them as they seek to expand their market share in Africa, while developing a more connected and modern relationship with consumers."


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