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Tuesday, Feb 19th

Zimbabwe's NetOne plans 'M-Pesa of Southern Africa'

Zimbabwe's NetOne plans 'M-Pesa of Southern Africa'

Zimbabwe's state-owned mobile network operator NetOne plans to launch its OneMoney mobile money service in October, to complement the already-released debit card linked to the ZimSwitch platform.

OneMoney will be linked to a debit card unveiled two weeks ago during the syndicated mobile money platform (SMPPS) roll-out to farmers, according to NetOne acting CEO Brian Mutandiro.

The OneMoney debit card is linked to ZimSwitch and costs R40 (US$3) and customers can walk into any NetOne shop to collect their cards.

"I can assure you that the mobile financial service in Zimbabwe will never be the same again," said Mutandiro, who added that Safaricom's M-Pesa supplied the vendor system for OneMoney.

"OneMoney is the game changer. It is set to become the M-Pesa of Southern Africa," Mutandiro added.

NetOne released a statement saying, OneMoney is going to be the real deal for NetOne. Mobile money is the in-thing worldwide and the market will watch in awe how NetOne's fortunes will turn around."

"This is a time of rebirth and the market has already endorsed it. One Money debit cards are available in all our shops. We are just finalising the finer details and by the end of this month, we will officially launch OneMoney," the company said.

"Our customers can perform any transaction with this debit card. The way one transacts with their bank card is exactly the same service you will get from the card," Mutandiro said.

The mobile service provider has to-date launched six new products ranging from voice, video, Internet, mobility, iptv and other applications.


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