Orange launches in Sierra Leone.

Orange launches in Sierra Leone

Telco says it invetsed US$33M in its network.

Friday, Oct 20th

Facebook rolls out a tool to help Kenyans spot fake news

Facebook rolls out a tool to help Kenyans spot fake news

With growing concerns of fake news on social media in Kenya's upcoming elections, Facebook will roll out a tool in its News Feed that will help Kenyans spot false news.

As reported by techweez, the tool will be available for a few days in both English and Swahili to be used by the seven million Kenyans using the social media every month. It will also collaborate with WhatsApp to place notices in the national newspapers and radio stations on how to spot fake news.

"Fake news has been a recurring problem in social media sites and has led massive Internet companies like Facebook and Google to come up with solutions," reports techweez.

"We take fighting fake news issues seriously, because people want to see accurate information on Facebook," says Ebele Okobi, director of policy for Facebook Africa.

"We've developed a three part strategy to stop the spread of misinformation, disrupting the economic incentives for the spammers who attempt to distribute false news, building new products and helping people better identify false news and report it."

A study done by Geopoll found out that Kenyans don't trust news about the General Elections shared on social media.


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