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Monday, Jun 24th

Connectivity as a Service rollout in Rwanda

Connectivity as a Service rollout in Rwanda

Vanu Rwanda, a subsidiary of cellular network connectivity firm Vanu Inc. USA, has licensed spectrum from the Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Organisation to provide solar-enabled wholesale services to mobile network operators.

Airtel Rwanda is said to be the first operator to use the Vanu service.

Marketing Director for Airtel Rwanda, Moses Abindabizemu, says, "Airtel is committed to reaching rural populations. Vanu has provided us with a solution that works for us because it extends our coverage, increases our market share and generates additional revenue with no capital requirements."

According to the service provider in this model, Vanu covers opex while the carrier gets a share of revenue.

Dr Vanu Bose, President and CEO of Vanu, Inc. says, "Our collaboration with Airtel is exciting as it enables us to make communications technology available in a way that can have a transformational impact on the future of Rwanda and the country's role in today's information-driven global economy. The service is available to all other carriers in Rwanda who share the same commitment to reaching rural areas."

To date, there are ten sites on air and Vanu Rwanda aims to establish a total of 376 sites to reach approximately one million people in unserved areas.

Bose explains the long-term vision of the project: "Although we will soon reach a million people in Rwanda, we are focused on replicating what we have done in Rwanda to reach the next 3 billion people globally who lack the connectivity that so many of us take for granted."


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