Orange launches in Sierra Leone.

Orange launches in Sierra Leone

Telco says it invetsed US$33M in its network.

Monday, Oct 23rd

Uber riders in Nairobi can now use cards to pay

Uber riders in Nairobi can now use cards to pay

Uber has partnered with Visa to provide customers in Nairobi with an alternative means of payment.

Until recently most financial institutions refused to allow these transactions on their cards, forcing the transport services provider to rely on cash payments in Nairobi, second to Hyderabad in India.

With the Visa card application, the cost to the customer will be automatically charged to their card without any intervention, a norm in most countries Uber operates in.

"Under the agreement, Visa will work with its financial institution partners to set up their debit and credit portfolios for eCommerce. This will enable faster adoption of digital payments in the region, new revenue streams for banks and merchants, and create the platform for market leading digital companies like Uber to offer great app-based commercial experiences to more customers," reads an excerpt from a statement issued by Visa.

Sunny Walia, Visa General Manager for East Africa said that their consumers are looking for great customer experience whether face to face or in-app. "Uber and Visa are going to remove those barriers in Africa, making it easier and more convenient to pay for a ride, and help people get to where they want to be."

Loic Amado, Uber General Manager East Africa said, "Simple and convenient payments are an important aspect for Kenyans which is why we partner with companies like Visa, ensuring riders have access to payment options. Riders will now not only have these flexible payment choices, but can also accumulate free rides. This partnership benefits driver-partners to, increased rider demand means increased trips for drivers. Everyone wins."


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