Orange launches in Sierra Leone.

Orange launches in Sierra Leone

Telco says it invetsed US$33M in its network.

Monday, Oct 23rd

Inaugural SA gaming event to help alter negative perceptions

Inaugural SA gaming event to help alter negative perceptions

Every gaming jurisdiction needs to establish a focal point. Africa comprises 54 countries whose gaming strategies are traveling at different speeds and in some cases in different directions. The coming together of the various interests, both governmental and those from within the industry, offers an opportunity for everyone to share information, experience and insight.

This is according to Peter Mireku, commissioner for the Gaming Commission of Ghana, who commented ahead of this keynote address at the two-day 'Gaming Africa' conference taking place in Johannesburg on 24 and 25 October.

"This is going to be good for Africa," argues Mireku, who believes the conference will help alter some of the negative perceptions that exist in the industry, as well as provide a high profile, professional showcase for gaming on the continent.

"Many thought leaders believe that gaming suffers from a negative narrative and events such as this provide a platform to demonstrate not only the technology that this industry deploys, but it also shines a light on the importance attached to social responsibility and the harm minimisation initiatives that are at the heart of a progressive and sustainable industry."

Mireku says the event will feature smart minds, not just from Africa, but from much further afield, representing commercial organisations who want to conduct business on the continent. "The challenge we face is achieving the balance between social responsibility and a successful, thriving industry."

Susan O'Leary, CEO of Alderney eGambling; Yahaya Maikori, senior partner of Law Allianz, and Judy Kiragu, Director of Golden Key Casino, are scheduled to delve into a discussion on the relationship between player protection and appropriate regulatory frameworks.

The event will also feature learning modules covering the economy, payment methods, social responsibility, anti-money laundering, investment and public relations.


Inaugural SA gaming event to help alter negative perceptions Published on 13 October 2017

Industry stakeholders believe gaming is impacted by a negative narrative and events such as this can a help address stereotypes.

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