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Sunday, Oct 20th

Westcon-Comstor leads in digital distribution with award as Innovation Distributor in CONTEXT ChannelWatch Survey 2019

Westcon-Comstor sub-Saharan Africa is pleased to announce it has been awarded Distributor of the Year for the Innovation category in the 2019 CONTEXT ChannelWatch survey. The award is direct recognition of the distributor's innovative approach to deploying platforms, new tools and services, as well as digital transformation when working with its reseller partners.

Saartjie Wait, Marketing and Digital Experience Director at Westcon-Comstor sub-Saharan Africa.

CONTEXT ChannelWatch is one of the world's largest online IT-reseller surveys, giving key insight into the behaviour, opinions and predictions of over 6 500 IT resellers every year. As part of the survey, resellers in each country nominate distributors they work with for the CONTEXT ChannelWatch Distributor of the Year award.

"The award is an impartial testimony from our reseller partners that our innovative approach to distribution, through the use of digital tools, resources as well as our platforms, is recognised as making a valued contribution to the partner ecosystem," states Saartjie Wait, Marketing and Digital Experience Director at Westcon-Comstor sub-Saharan Africa.

"Our commitment to digital transformation extends to every aspect of our customer engagement processes. Looking ahead, we see awards of this nature as validation of our work and will continue to drive innovation in everything we do."

This year, resellers were able to rate their distributors on a wide range of key service areas. These were encapsulated in five new ChannelWatch awards that reflect the breadth of service and value that distributors bring to the modern IT channel, namely: customer service, innovation (tools, new products and services, digital transformation), logistics, retail partner and cloud partner. Westcon-Comstor clinched the highly coveted title for Innovation.

Westcon-Comstor is leading globally in digital distribution, with a key set of tools and resources it has developed from the ground up designed to facilitate and ease a partner's training, procurement, logistics, billing and enablement. Its focus on assisting a reseller to raise the bar on attaining vendor ascribed competencies and its innovative digital-centric cloud programmes are fast changing the distribution landscape.

"We are delighted to see Westcon-Comstor win the CONTEXT ChannelWatch Distributor of the Year Award in the Innovation category. The modern distribution industry is about finding and delivering innovative value as technology continues to shake up the business and consumer landscapes," states Howard Davies, CONTEXT CEO and co-founder. "Westcon-Comstor's hard work in this area is essential to bringing about the digital transformation that is so much in demand."

In the coming weeks, CONTEXT will be publishing important insights from the ChannelWatch survey, highlighting market trends in the IT distribution channel and driving greater understanding of reseller relationships with both distributors and vendors alike.


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