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Friday, Jul 20th

OLSPS Analytics will create 20 000 data scientists by 2030

In September 2017 OLSPS Analytics decided to launch data science courses in order to meet the growing demand for data scientists and machine learning engineers.

According to Forbes magazine's report the demand for data scientists will increase by 28% by 2018 and will escalate even more every year.

The dramatic growth of the digital economy means that every single industry in the world will need data science skills in order to operate competitively.

Data Scientists extract meaning from and interpret data, which requires both tools and methods from statistics and machine learning. Data Science as an independent discipline was introduced by William S in 2001 but gained huge popularity in 2014/2015 with the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution.

According to the MIT Sloan Managements review and SAS' fifth annual survey of 2719 companies in the USA organisations are looking at recruiting experienced data scientists while only 371 candidates match level of requirements needed. Even with the advanced education systems in first world countries there is still a huge gap for data scientists that the market still needs filled. Because of the shortage of data scientists the average annual salary of a junior level data scientist is 91 000 US dollars while a senior data scientist can command over 250 000 US dollars.

First world companies are taking the lead in the digital revolution, so most third world and developing countries can piggyback off first world technologies. However the high cost of advanced technologies leads to slower progress in third world and developing countries as many companies can't afford it.

OLSPS Analytics is taking the lead as technology develops and are now conducting Data Science courses in South Africa. All training courses prices are affordable for South African market and extremely attractive for companies from the first world countries.

OLSPS Analytics courses can be customised to meet a company's needs and can accommodate beginners as well as advanced data scientists and statisticians.

Training courses includes: machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, complex optimisation tools, SPSS training and SPSS Modeling techniques, predictive analytics in a blue economy, fisheries quantitative science, stock assessment, development and deployment of Operational Management Procedures, Population Dynamics of renewable living resources and more.

Companies need to start preparing for changes to all industries now. Existing employees need to be upskilled and those moving into these fields need to be prepared. Data scientists recognise business opportunities and cost saving areas a lot faster than when using regular methods.

Why organisations need data scientists?

By using your companies data and putting it into models lots of business processes can be optimised and automated which will lead to a decrease in operational costs, a decrease in processing time, a decrease in the number of human errors, a decrease in fraud related risks, simplify internal business processes and make data accessible for decision making from any location in the world and much more.

All of these business goals can be reached by outsourcing your business problems to organisations like OLSPS Analytics which was one of the first analytics organisations in Southern Africa. With 27 years of experience in predictive analytics and more recently machine learning and deep learning.

OLSPS Analytics can increase the revenue of many South African companies by using predictive analytic models and machine learning. Recent OLSPS Analytics successful projects were done for Santam, Mutual and Federal, Tigo, Nedbank, Pcubed and many others.

OLSPS Analytics has a highly skilled team of data scientists who can resolve any business issue as well as share the latest trends in the field of data science by providing exceptional Data Science Training.

Training is taking place monthly in Cape Town and Johannesburg and can be arranged onsite.
For companies from outside of South Africa OLSPS Analytics is also offering special packages which include training, accommodation and sightseeing.

Please contact the OLSPS Analytics team for more information


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