Orange launches in Sierra Leone.

Orange launches in Sierra Leone

Telco says it invetsed US$33M in its network.

Monday, Oct 23rd

OLSPS Analytics - expanding machine learning and predictive analytic technologies into Africa

OLSPS Analytics is an international market-leading data science specialist with 27 years of experience. OLSPS Analytics is highly proficient in the field of data science, predictive analytics and machine learning.

OLSPS Analytics has developed ground-breaking predictive analytic solutions for large and medium size enterprises across various industries. OLSPS Analytics is IBM Gold Business Partner and many solutions are based on IBM Software.  OLSPS Analytics developed Unique SPSS Solution for Educational Institutions and taking over Education Industry in Africa. OLSPS Analytics business solutions not only resulted in the direct increase of revenue but has resulted in a very quick return on investment (ROI) revolutionising the way many industries work.  

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning can be applied across every industry, to name of few of the OLSPS Analytics industry solutions:

•    OLSPS Analytics Micro Weather Forecast and frost prediction solution help farmers to identify the best time for harvest to avoid losses and increase revenue. OLSPS Analytics successfully bridges the gap between satellite (macro) weather data and weather station (micro) data to bring you an accurate localised weather forecast. The algorithm accounts for local factors such as topography and corrects the best global/regional forecast accordingly to give you an accurate forecast at a point.

How can micro-forecasting help enterprises? Weather effects every aspect of our lives and plays an important role in energy supply and demand, agriculture, logistics, safety and many other aspects. Having a significantly improved forecast for one or more exact locations can greatly reduce costs and save lives. Typical use cases are airports, farms, wind farms, bridges (safety) and many more.

•    OLSPS Analytics' Predictive Maintenance Solution can help many manufacturers prevent and predict equipment failures.
•    OLSPS Analytics' Work Force Performance solution Enjol can uplift frontline sales performance and increase revenue on average 6-10% over a year.
•    OLSPS Analytics has developed a deployment platform called OLSOLV which can make the implementation of churn analysis, claims segmentation and scorecard solutions possible within a month instead of the normal project timelines of anywhere between 9 months to a year.

OLSPS Analytics is IBM Gold Business Partner and has used the IBM SPSS software for multiple applications of different business solutions however we are also able to utilise many open source platforms dependent on a client's company size, budget, needs and business problems.

OLSPS Analytics is poised for growth as they seek to expand their offering in Africa

OLSPS Analytics would like to expand their offerings and partner with IT specialists in various African countries.

OLSPS Analytics provide our partners with significant resources, such as:

•    A team of experts dedicated towards the design, deployment and sale of in-house developed predictive analytics and machine learning solutions.
•    Technical support.
•    Free training for our partners on software and solution sales.
•    Marketing and sales support.

OLSPS Analytics currently have the two partners, one in Zimbabwe, OLSPS Zimbabwe the sister company to Regal Systems and OLSPS Mozambique (formally Prisma Engenharia LDA) where we have successfully held two workshops expanding our footprint in these two countries.

Take advantage of OLSPS Analytics Partner Programme and one of your clients could Win a Free Business Assessment valued at R 20 000 from the OLSPS Analytics Data Scientists, more information can be found here.

Become an OLSPS Analytics Partner and take your organisation into the Cognitive Era.

For more information on OLSPS Analytics solutions, please visit website

For more information on OLSPS Analytics Partner Programme please submit your details via partner contact form.


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