Zambia hints at fifth telco operator

A fifth telco
for Zambia?

Enough room says
industry regulator.

Saturday, Feb 22nd

Full-speed ahead for Sage X3 with key partnerships and integrations

Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software, announces today at Sage Summit the continued success of the Sage X3 business management solution with the launch of the new Sage X3 cloud release Update 10.

Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software, announces today at Sage Summit the continued success of the Sage X3 business management solution with the launch of the new Sage X3 cloud release Update 10, and a growing ecosystem of cloud applications.

At last year's Sage Summit, Sage CEO Stephen Kelly announced the end of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), stating it was often synonymous with ‘Expense, Regret & Pain' for business users. Since last year, Sage X3 has delivered faster, simpler and more flexible business management to mid-sized enterprise customers, dramatically cutting the cost and complexity of typical enterprise ERP systems.

As a result, Sage X3 saw its customer base grow by more than 29% globally since last year's product update. The new Sage X3 Update 10, available to Cloud customers in August, further improves the solution functionality and user experience, reinforcing Kelly's commitment to help midsize enterprises regain responsiveness and agility in managing complex operations.

Keeping businesses moving – Sage X3 Distribution Cloud

Sage is also demonstrating its commitment to deliver integrated Industry Solutions, designed to simplify the management of the entire value chain, end to end.

This is enabled by the unique set of functionality Sage X3 can provide in the midsize enterprise market, and the strong interest from partners to build upon the Sage X3 platform, resulting in a fast growing ecosystem of complementary cloud applications integrated with the solution.

Today, Sage announced its partnership with mobile commerce solution provider XM Developments to deliver engaging and personalized shopping experiences on any device, along with the planned availability of a new connector for Salesforce CRM Enterprise Editions.  This completes Sage X3's strategy to deliver an integrated, enterprise-class cloud solution for global distributors.

The new Sage X3 e-commerce solution provides the following enhanced benefits to distributors:

  • Ensures webstore data are consistent with product, inventory, sales and customer data at all times.
  • Boosts online sales with advanced cross-sell and digital marketing capabilities.
  • Accelerates the creation of new stores by using pre-built templates available for specific industries.
  • Integrates with payment processing platforms (Sage Pay), and delivers enterprise-class security and scalability
  • Ensures ongoing compatibility with future Sage X3 releases.

Power to the people – Sage X3 People Cloud

In a show of strength on the Sage X3 global cloud strategy, Sage also demonstrates its continued commitment to the recently announced partnership with Fairsail, a global cloud HR management solution built on the Salesforce App Cloud. The cloud people solution will accompany the Sage X3 portfolio of enterprise cloud solutions, and offer midsize enterprise businesses a modern, cloud-first generation of integrated applications to seamlessly manage their business and workforces.

Beyond the existing Fairsail Payflow integration which allows Fairsail customers to connect to various payroll solutions, the partnership with Sage X3 will enable deeper integration with Sage X3 financials; Sage X3 People (payroll) and other Sage payroll solutions; and Sage business intelligence solutions - to form a comprehensive enterprise cloud solution for HR and people management, available worldwide.

"Giving businesses the ability to operate in the cloud is essential in today's digital environment," said Adam Hale, CEO of Fairsail. "By partnering with Sage X3, we're offering midsize enterprises a faster and simpler global solution that improves workforce visibility, increases HR productivity and delivers great workforce experiences."

"We have a clear cloud strategy for Sage X3, building up a comprehensive cloud offering in every domain, for midsize and enterprise businesses to manage their finance, distribution, manufacturing, and HR processes more effectively." said David Krauss, Global Vice President of Product Marketing for Sage's enterprise cloud solutions.

"We refuse to stand still, and are continuously improving the solution for our customers. The Sage X3 partnership with Fairsail sums up what we are doing: providing customers with simple access to the best possible functionality available in the industry to run their business faster, on one, cohesive enterprise cloud business management platform. We aren't just partnering; we're investing. Our partnerships prove that."

"Today's African enterprises need access to business management solutions that enable them to be productive wherever they are.  Our cloud-based business solutions are perfect for a mobile-first continent where organisations are accelerating their transition from legacy systems to modern, agile business platforms. The future is mobile and we at Sage are giving our customers the power to control their businesses from the palm of their hand," said Keith Fenner, Vice President, Sage X3 International.


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