Ghana fast-tracks EMV migration

Ghana fast-tracks EMV migration

Gemalto, GhIPSS to offer domestic smart cards.

Monday, Jan 22nd

Integrated multimedia disruption for the enterprise

"If your customers aren't true believers, your company risks surviving." This quote is taken from research organisation, Gallup, highlights one of the most prevalent concerns facing the retail industry today – customer engagement. It is a fact further driven home by statistics revealed by NewVoiceMedia which analysed the markets and found that 59% of customers find generic sales pitches irritating while 68% said that good customer service makes them more loyal.

It is the dawning of the era of Conversational Commerce, which refers to the ‘intersection of integrated electronic communication and shopping', as technology provides interfaces which allow brands to create more meaningful dialogues and customer interactions. The retailer, the service provider and the business which harness this potential will be the ones which will do so much more than survive in a demanding market; instead, they will thrive.

"The retailer needs to create a multimedia environment that will enable customers to believe they benefit from being part of the brand community," says Marius Visser, Managing Director, Metacom Europe. "There is a need for solutions which are capable of blending every aspect of audio, Wi-Fi, media content and visual content into one cohesive whole." Customers want brand messages to be tailored to their needs and they want to benefit from being part of the brand community. For this to happen messages have to be consistent across channel and platform and customer interaction is crucial. From radio to television, from print to visual – every aspect must be part of a singular ecosystem which is integrated seamlessly.

It's a complex landscape and one which Metacom has been paying attention to. The company has used its experience to develop comprehensive solutions which meet these challenges.

Disruption with a managed, integrated media distribution solution

Metacom has designed and developed the MC731 Internet Video media player, a device which can be used in any number of demanding media environments and provides a managed and integrated media distribution solution. Want to engage with customers on TV screens using messaging enhanced by radio and mobile devices? This is precisely what the MC731 Internet Video media player delivers, and it does so perfectly.

Visser explains: "There is no need for a business to engage with multiple service providers or deal with multiple SLAs. The MC731 Internet Video media player is capable of being fully integrated into a managed ecosystem and network.

A locally designed and manufactured solution that fits all

From the flow of data and control of technology to the management of resources, Metacom provides everything. It is a turnkey solution in the true sense of the word with the responsibility sitting on Metacom's shoulders.

"Our intention is to disrupt the market with our completely integrated and managed solution at a price point which reflects the value of integrating this solution into our managed network, thereby eliminating the need to pay multiple providers for this service. The MC731 Internet Video media player is the only media player designed, developed, manufactured and supported in South Africa, and that means every aspect is taken care of with no unnecessary service delays. We can truly adapt our service to fit the needs of our customers"

Media solutions such as the Metacom MC731 Internet Video media player are transforming the visual landscape within retail environments. Customers are instantly engaged and data is collated and gathered. Information is used to change marketing and display patterns to suit customer behaviours, driving incredibly powerful levels of engagement and creating superlative solutions that meet the trends and the challenges head on.

Welcome to the era of Conversational Commerce and the solutions which define it.


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