Chad cuts telecoms excise duty to bolster internet

Chad's plan to
grow internet

Country cuts telecoms excise duty.

Saturday, Jan 18th

Lex van Wyk, CEO, Teraco.

Telkom Group's Openserve to peer at NAPAfrica

Telkom Group's Openserve wholesale and networks division is Africa's largest Internet eXchange Point (IXP) peering at NAPAfrica. 

Building Africa’s biggest data centre in Isando.

Building Africa's biggest data centre in Isando

Teraco is creating Africa's largest data centre.

Teraco is interconnecting Africa to the world’s financial markets.

Teraco is interconnecting Africa to the world's financial markets

Teraco has announced that a high speed, low-latency fibre link between the JSE and the Teraco Isando data centre.