Zimbabwe to banish 'ghost voters'

Zim takes out 'ghost voters'

Biometric voter
system launched.

Saturday, Sep 23rd

Nigeria’s iConcepts launches mobile marketing app for start-ups

Nigeria’s iConcepts launches mobile marketing app for start-ups

Nigerian mobile tech company and value added services provide, iConcepts has launched a cloud-based mobile marketing platform that enables businesses and organisations to harness SMS messaging capabilities.

As reported by Vanguard, the service, named mGen.ng, uses short codes and unique keywords to build opted-in audiences, collect customer feedback and send auto-responses to inbound messages.

Ugo Okoye, CEO of iConcepts, is quoted as saying, “mGen.ng aggregates data for processing through a robust dashboard generating detailed reports, graphs and profiled databases that are extremely valuable and targeted for any company.”

Okoyo says businesses can use the platform to create campaigns, promotions, interactive surveys, polls, automated information services and customer care solutions.

“mGen.ng is ideal for both public and private sector organisations for finance, manufacturing, retail, education, health, government, IT, media, transport, travel, religion and service industries,” he says.

According to Vanguard, the most prominent headache for start-ups is figuring out how to make customers believe in their services and offerings, which will lead to increased sales.

“The most common solution proffered for this problem is for start-ups to present their services in the most engaging ways to the consumer. While this may not be rocket science, it is not also easy to come by at the early stage of a business life,” the publication reports.

Bolaji Akerele, Innovation and business partnerships lead at iConcepts, says the platform would allow many companies to create value through quality interactions they previously couldn’t access, adding that it is very easy to set up an account at a very low price.


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