Use tech to address Africa’s inequality

Tech can address Africa’s inequality

Telkom exec belives tech can bridge digital divide.

Sunday, Nov 19th

South Africans ‘too lazy’ to back up data


South African’s are too lazy to backup their stored personal data such as photos, videos and files, a research study has revealed.

The study compiled by digital storage company Western Digital (WD) has found that 60% of South Africans never back up stored personal data.

According to the study, South Africans store personal files on no less than 14 electronic or storage devices, but the majority of those files are almost never backed up.

Western Digital conducted the study among 1,000 adults in the country who admitted to only using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers and USB sticks to store files, reads a press statement.

According to 40% of the respondents, their busy schedules have prevented them from backing up stored files, while 15% of them said they cannot be bothered, the press statement continues.

WD's sales manager Anamika Budree stated that one in five South Africans admit that they don’t know how to back up their all important data.

"Years ago people would get their photos developed and organise them in family photo albums, but now we are a nation in digital chaos with only good fortune preventing us from losing files and photos forever," said Budree.

The research also found that 89% of South Africans that claim to be organised in their daily lives, are the complete opposite when it comes to their digital footprint.

50% of parents admit they'd rather pay their children to backup their files for them rather than go through the hassle of doing it themselves, it was revealed in the study.

"Organising parents' digital content is the new household chore, replacing the traditional pocket money earner of gardening work up and cleaning the car, which ranked in third and second place respectively," the statement concludes.


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