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Monday, Sep 23rd

Mary Kay Reveals Breakthrough Anti-Gravity Findings at the 49th European Society for Dermatological Research Meeting

Mary Kay Inc. continues its decades-long commitment to skin science by sharing its latest research targeting the causes and underlying mechanisms of slackened skin at the 49th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) held on September 18-21 in Bordeaux, France.

The International Honour For Excellence was awarded to actor, director and producer Andy Serkis (Photo: Business Wire)

The real and the virtual meet at IBC2019 Awards

The IBC2019 Awards saw recognition for the real – in terms of socially responsible projects and charitable bodies – and the virtual, including holograms over 5G and the cutting edge in delivering augmented reality.

High Performance Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs Released by BitHarp

BitHarp Group Limited announced the launch of two new high-performance liquid mining rigs capable of delivering excellent usage capabilities and unprecedented profit making potential.

Retrospect Enters Strategic Partnership With Prodata Group in South Africa

Distribution Deal Allows Prodata’s South African Resellers to Provide Complete Data Protection Solutions as well as Award-Winning Drobo Storage Solutions to Business Customers

Mavenir’s Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) Awarded ‘Best Ran Technology’ at 5G Asia for Second Year in a Row

Bringing Open Interfaces on Open Radio Hardware to Redefine the Network Economics for Mobile Operators

Daon Announces John Sanders as President of Emerging Markets

Proven Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Federal Executive, and Technologist to Lead Company through Next Phase of Expansion and Growth into New Vertical Industries

KAL Launches Kalignite Hypervisor – a Game-Changer for ATM Hardware Upgrades

KAL is launching Kalignite Hypervisor, a game-changing new product for the retail banking industry that solves the long-standing, billion-dollar problem of enforced ATM hardware upgrades.

Quake Global Launches Global LTE as the Latest Innovation for Our Best-Selling Products, QPRO™ and Q4000™

Quake Global, Inc. announced the availability of global LTE in our best-selling products, QPRO™ and Q4000™, which both come with bi-directional and dual-mode communication protocols over global satellite and cellular networks.

Simjacker location tracking attack on vulnerable phones (Graphic: Business Wire)

AdaptiveMobile Security Uncovers Sophisticated Hacking Attacks on Mobile Phones, Exposing Massive Network Vulnerability

***New ‘Simjacker’ vulnerability exploited by surveillance companies for espionage operation***

How nCipher Security nShield as a Service works (Graphic: Business Wire)

New nCipher HSM as a Service Delivers High-Assurance Security for Organizations Adopting Cloud-First Strategies

nShield as a Service provides cryptography on-demand using cloud-based nCipher hardware security modules (HSMs), and allows secure code execution in the cloud

This is a screenshot of the application Zoho Telephony. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Expanded Zoho One Achieves New Heights of Customer Adoption; Continues to Offer Incredible Value with Process Automation, Telephony, Single Sign-On, and BlockChain Capabilities

With the addition of a new app, Orchestly, and new platform services in telephony, single sign-on, and provisioning through Marketplace, Zoho continues to push the operating system for business ahead of the market