Ghana fast-tracks EMV migration

Ghana fast-tracks EMV migration

Gemalto, GhIPSS to offer domestic smart cards.

Sunday, Jan 21st

'Africa can be the staging ground of the future'

'Africa can be the staging ground of the future'

The market in Africa is tough and while there is an opportunity to leapfrog in many areas, this cannot be taken for granted and requires that policy framework are in place, that the private sector play a more reactive role and that governments prepare themselves accordingly.

This is according to Hendrik Malan, Operations Director, Africa, at Frost & Sullivan, who opened the 7th annual Frost & Sullivan Growth Innovation and Leadership Summit (GIL) Africa 2017 in Cape Town.

In his presentation on twelve choices (involving mind, body and soul) to 2025, Dorman Followwill, senior partner, Frost & Sullivan, spoke of the potential market for personal freedom and signal free zones, and the gap for extended home education platforms and apps as listening skills become all the more rare.

In a description of various aspects that define and impact digital transformation, Followwill spoke of social issues, for example the difference between crowdsourced and critical thinking, the influence of open business models, and how various aspects such as trust and integrity are defining the digital landscape.

He also presented a hard-hitting overview of what today is considered cheap and what is considered sacred, referencing sobering statistics pertaining to women and child abuse, faith, family structures and social networks.

"Mind, body and soul connections can be difficult to quantify, but can also be unmistakably powerful as core drivers of the future," said Followwill. "I believe Africa has a chance to be a staging ground of the future."


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